The Dream Centers provide health and hope for people in Colorado Springs who are working to rebuild their dreams.

Mary’s Home

Mary’s Home is a transformation-minded program aimed at helping families move from a place of vulnerability to health and on their way to thriving, both in terms of housing and key relationships. Once accepted into the program, single mothers and their children participate in three growth stages: “Live” (wherein they receive temporary housing), “Learn” (wherein they are provided key life-skills through experiential education) and “Love” (wherein they experience healing and interpersonal connectivity via service projects). The network supporting these efforts includes family advocates, a host of community partners, and a crew of  faithful volunteers. After 15 to 24 months in Mary’s Home, mentor teams will support each family’s transition into long-term housing for up to a year. Mary’s Home offers families holistic health and hope as they work to rebuild their dreams and reach their goals.

Brady Boyd -- Dream Centers' President

“Everyone wants to belong, and Mary’s Home provides the gift of belonging to a group of people who crave it most — single, shelterless moms and their kids. As the church steps forward to do life with those among us who are vulnerable and in need of care, we all experience humility, humanity, and hope.”

Building Dreams Together — Mary’s Home Becoming Reality

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1 Acquisition of the Casa Linda apartment complex in our city is intentional. It is centrally located, near community resources, and satisfies our desire to bless, not abandon the city. Local churches in the neighborhood are doing well, and we know they will be nurturing communities for our residents. Mary’s Home will also serve as a launching point for Adopt-a-Block so that we can be a blessing to nearby neighborhoods for generations to come.

2 Renovation of the apartment complex is set to begin in the fall/winter of 2013 and run into 2014, when we will see seventeen units converted to Mary’s Home single-family dwellings. We’ve already begun remodeling the first unit, where Resident Staff will live. Two other couples will be Resident Staff and join the community, one on each floor. Then, up to 14 single-mom families will become residents in a 15 to 24-month residential program, and up to one-year mentoring program to help families transition into long-term housing.

3 The building addition includes essential components of the Mary’s Home vision. The first floor offers staff a warm working space and allows us to receive guests. The second floor will boast a beautiful children’s area for play, program activities and learning. The Third floor will be set apart for our residents and trained prayer team to worship, pray and creatively engage their artistic passions. Finally, the roof deck provides our residents space to gather for community events, enjoy the views, and retreat to safe and beautiful space.

4 We will launch Mary’s Home in three phases. First, we will hire a director, and move one or two resident families and one Resident Staff family into Mary’s Home. Second, we will hire additional staff, care for a few more families, and finish building the addition. Third, we will move our offices, prayer room and children’s area to the addition, and invite fourteen families without homes to live with us in Mary’s Home.

Please link arms with us as we invite our communities to invest. We recognize that your generosity facilitates this life transforming ministry. We continue to focus on God, bless people, and allow the resources given through many people to rebuild health and hope!

Important Information

Want to know the FAQ’s about Mary’s Home? The following explains about our program and the application process. Feel free to share!

IMPORTANT: Mary’s Home has currently accepted the first families for its beginning phase and will re-open the application process in July.  Candidates are welcome to contact Mary’s Home then.

What is Mary’s Home?
• A long-term transitional housing program for single mothers and children who are seeking to overcome homelessness and build a better future.

What does Mary’s Home provide to families?
• The opportunity to live in a loving community and learn holistic health, life skills, and economic self-sufficiency.

Who is eligible to live at Mary’s Home?
• Single mothers with children under 11 years old, who can maintain basic health and life skills, and who have a level of need that the Mary’s Home staff can meet.

How many families live at Mary’s Home?
• The program will house up to 15 families when the program is full. We will begin with six families over the first six months with an expected increase to full capacity when the building expansion is complete.

How long can families live at Mary’s Home?
• The average length of stay is expected to be two years with the option to stay a third year based upon level of progress and the ability to mentor others.

Do families have to work and pay rent at Mary’s Home?
• Over time, families are expected to develop a career path, work full-time, pay a sliding-scale rent, obtain housing, exit the program and receive after care.

What services are in the Mary’s Home building?
• One-bedroom furnished apartments, a community room, children’s activity room, laundry room, life skills center, volunteer center, counseling center, and offices.

Who are the staff members at Mary’s Home?
• Dream Centers and Mary’s Home Directors, professional case managers and counselors, partner service providers, resident advisors, and volunteers.

What is the application process for a single-mom family experiencing homelessness?
• The application process for new families is currently closed. We will update these FAQs once we reopen the application process. Email us at at any time with questions. God bless you!